Why Power Tech

Undeniably, your building’s most expensive piece of machinery is often a maintenance money pit. We will work with you to develop a cost-effective maintenance program specific to your system’s needs. Our goal is for you to achieve system longevity without overspending.

Daily wear and tear, misuse, and even weather degrade an elevator’s individual components and compromise the system’s overall performance. Preventative maintenance is the key to protecting your investment. Testing and adjusting equipment, lubricating moving parts, and replacing worn components optimizes performance and safeguards against more extensive and costly system damage and deterioration.

At Power Tech Elevator, we know that your building usage varies from your neighbors, and so we offer various levels of maintenance service. Our systematic assessment considers the following factors:

  • Building condition
  • Elevator system and parts
  • Usage levels
  • Equipment age

We maintain equipment for a wide variety of manufacturers and locally house a large supply of common replacement parts. After our free, on-site consultation, we will work with you to choose the ideal package to address your
service needs.